16 July 2009

Posting this for a friend. He has a slight problem with a 'moaning' neighbor during the summer heat.

I've suggested he record this and blast it back at her at FULL VOLUME for a few nights.

NOT a good idea to let CHILDREN listen to this - ADULT HUMOUR!!!!

05 June 2008

Live reporting gone wrong

In 2006, in the middle of February, heavier-than-normal rains saturated a hillside in the Philippines, resulting in a massive landslide in Leyte that affected thousands of people.

Many news organizations covered the unfortunate situation. The Red Cross - and other likewise organizations - were mobilized to help the victims.

One ODD report was filed by the Onion News Network (hopefully, you've heard of "the Onion" on the internet).

Here's what happens when your producer throws a situation in your face, without being prepared:

Reporter In Helicopter Pretty Sure Landslide Down There Somewhere


The last 30-seconds of the report is the best.

24 May 2008

Death marks beginning of Summer in Southland

Barely into the three-day Holiday weekend and at least 3 people perished after a tour helicopter went down on Catalina Island this morning. Engine failure seems the most-likely culprit.

Got the call not long after getting airborne.

By noon, the SoCal approach controller we were communicating with while over the island told us that according to his supervisor, CNN was reporting that a 4th person aboard had perished.

There were 3 bright yellow tarps at the crash site, so that meant that one of the hospitalized had succumbed to their injuries.

By the time we landed @ 220pm, we still hadn't had confirmation from a second source.

23 May 2008

Way to go...SMO !

Just read the news that a hotel in our own city of Santa Monica has made the list of "Top 10 dirtiest hotels in America".
Letterman aside, according to Trip Advisor the Pacific Sands motel backed-up just enough splooge to stain the carpet - and make it's dirty little mark at last on the list.


THAT oughta help score some accolades at the next family gathering.
"Son, we hear the motel you own has won an award - we are so proud! Tell us the details..."

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18 May 2008

Like they say: You snooze...you lose!

Only just found out that AIRWOLF was up on eBay!

Of course, come to find out it was only a replica of the famed TV helicopter (personally, i liked Blue Thunder better), but hey - what a cool piece of memorabilia to have.

Now that the auction is over, wonder what the new owner is going to do with it?

13 May 2008

Living in the backlot of Hollywood...

Noticed today that someone had posted some old photos of an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" taken while filming at Whiteman Airport.

During that production, one of the episodes - circa 1968 - involved the character Aunt Bee deciding to get her airplane pilot license.

According to IMDB, the episode originally aired in February of 1968, so the actual production was probably filmed in January.

These were posted on the bulletin board in the pilots lounge. Unfortunately, the original photographer declined to identify him/herself.
(my apologies in advance of posting someone elses' photos. If you'd care to identify yourself, i'd be happy to give photo credit where-credit-is-due).

Clearly shows the mountains north of runway 30, and the power station "four stacks" to the east of the airport.

What's interesting to note is the lack of development along San Fernando Rd., adjacent to the airport, the visible smog in 1968 in the background and the lack of an asphalt runway.

03 May 2008

"Ya gotta face for radio, kid..."

I've been saying for years that i have a face for radio.

More proof of that came just a few minutes ago when i was talking via computer to my wifes' family in the Philippines.

i noticed the 'video cam' link on the side of the IM module. Being the curious type, i clicked on it.

Voila! a medium-sized square popped-up and my face - awash in computer monitor dull bluish-white appeared in it.

Silence came through the speakers for a couple of moments. Somewhere in the distance a dog barked - seemingly in pain.

About two minutes later, we lost the connection.

Come to find out about ten minutes later, they had a power-outage in the Philippines at that exact moment.

Apparently a sign from above that i'm NOT destined to replace Ryan Seacrest - or anyone ELSE for that matter - on television any time soon!